Our motto: Customize packaging.

For many companies, packaging plays a significant role in their overall operation, whether in marketing, production necessity or to match their customers requirement. For Bark Verpakkingen, packaging is our primary concern and with our expertise and continuing enthusiasm to find solutions to all manner of problems, we know that we will provide a first class packaging service across a whole spectrum of Industry types. Literally, with us on your side any packaging concerns will be totally manageable. Bark Verpakkingen offer an integrated, full-service approach, not different suppliers for a range of packaging products but just one supplier for all packaging and importantly, one 'think tank' for industries packaging problems. The way in which we flesh out the concept of 'bespoke packaging' is case specific to be determined solely by the client. In view of the fact that we do not believe in a 'stiff' universal approach for all parties, our organization is geared towards a flexible and customer-oriented approach. You set the rules, we implement them.


Our approach: Different packaging for different customers, integrated into one logistics system.

By accessing our website we endeavour to provide you with a comprehensive outline of our delivery programme. However, as you would expect is not always possible to provide fully detailed information but it should be clear that our current range is broad and deep and that we are ready to work with you on many fronts. It is this diversity in terms of packaging options that allows us to be so bold as to call ourselves, in all modesty, a 'total supplier'. Also, our role as packaging partner would be too limited if we were not able to take care of the associated logistics process. An important aspect of the added value you may expect from Bark Verpakkingen as a packaging specialist, relates in particular to our reliability in having the packaging in the right quantities in the right place at the right time. For us, this is a self-evident aspect of our approach.


Our idea: Specialization: you do the product, we do the packaging.

As a specialist, Bark Verpakkingen is capable of directing the entire process surrounding your packaging requirements, down to the smallest detail. Consequently, we enable you to focus your attention and efforts on precisely what it is you are specialised in. We, the Bark Verpakkingen 'crew', have at our disposal excellent knowledge of production options and material properties when it comes to packaging solutions. This knowledge is intended, and required, to enable us to keep serving our customers with sound and reliable advice in all respects.


Our formula: Simple, effective and efficient.

With many years of experience, Bark Verpakkingen has acquired an understanding of the role packaging plays in the continuity of your operational process. Our formula for the right approach is as simple as it is effective. We have an extensive network of agencies and packaging manufacturers within the Netherlands and abroad, several centrally located warehouse sites and a logistics system that can be adapted entirely in accordance with your requirements. As a result of our investment the Outsourcing Concept in particular, is proving to be extremely successful.


Our initial advice: Drop us an e-mail, give us a call or pay us a visit.

Bark Verpakkingen is a unique company in the world of packaging. With a progressive view of packaging management, we are the partner of a wide group of customers. Don't hesitate to make an appointment to come and visit our spacious showroom, where we will be happy to provide you with more detailed information. Operating from Eerbeek, situated in the centre of the Netherlands, we can proudly state that your packaging problem is our challenge!