Brief introduction Bark

Bark Verpakkingen B.V. Your packaging partner!

Since our start up in 1978 we have been viewing your packaging problems as our challenge!

It is our goal to make all forms of packaging a problem-free element in your operational process and as such, offer Bark Verpakkingen as a key packaging partner and not just another packaging supplier.


Added value supplier

With an extensive portfolio of packaging products sourced within Europe and internationally, combined with products developed ‘in house’, Bark Verpakkingen has a capability to offer a full spectrum of industrial packaging.

However, we believe that offering packaging solutions is something that extends beyond the physical product alone. A sound knowledge of packaging to meet the changing needs of the user’s container requirements, together with the experience of implementing legislative demands as well as an insight into the necessary logistics and delivery processes, in our opinion, forms the basis of a viable business relationship.


Bark Innovations B.V. Your packaging developer!

The level of knowledge available in the field of industrial and retail packaging enables us to be of service to you in relation to product development and product design.

Through our sister company Bark Innovations B.V. we are not only able to solve packaging problems but can also develop entirely new packaging for - and with - you.

If you would like to develop your own concept, be it from the perspective of marketing, logistics or because of quality requirements in terms of packaging, we can take care of the end-to-end process of development, mould construction, UN seal of approval, production and logistics.


Outsourcing / new-style packaging management

With an extensive knowledge of packaging and logistics built up over decades, we genuinely believe it makes Bark Verpakkingen the prime outsourcing partner relative to all facets of industrial packaging.

As a consequence of increasing professionalisation throughout industry, there is evidence that many companies are considering, or have committed to a purchasing strategy based on a Total Cost of Ownership approach, as a result of which outsourcing is increasingly becoming the obvious choice.

The cost price approach is deemed to be an increasingly integrated one and makes room for an approach based on returns.

Focusing on core business activities and streamlining logistics by outsourcing non-core activities to a professional is the key to successful operational management.

In the supply chain to, it holds that the chain is only as strong as the weakest link.

By means of our outsourcing concept, we see to it that your packaging management, - as part of the overall operational process, remains a robust and reliable link.