Strengthen your supply chain by optimizing your packaging management.

In business since 1978, Bark has evolved into a well-known player in value added services concerning packaging management. The flexible structure of our company enables us to offer custom-made solutions for each type of organization. Therewith, Bark acts as an extension of your organization and contributes to improving processes and reducing the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). Operating as (a part of) your company we bring about significant savings in your organization.


Our goal:

Organize your packaging management in such a way that we achieve the most optimal TCO.


Our tools:

We apply and implement lean management principles, knowledge of products/materials/legislation, smart logistics, experience and (last but not least) common sense.


Our result:

We achieve better (financial) results for your company.

Supply Chain Management

A supply chain can be seen as a network of organizations working together to fulfill customer orders. It is a flow of materials, information and services. Effective supply chain management and logistics can provide an organization with competitive advantage.


With our modern vision on packaging management, we would like to play a role within your supply chain management, as a part of the overall process and therefore we will focus further below on the subject of ‘packaging’.


If we look at the most common purchasing model of packaging, the general conclusion is that it is arranged in such a way that you are expected to have all kinds of amenities. And you will also be expected to structurally provide the (often expensive) facilities to the benefit of your packaging suppliers. The basic amenities that you will need are:

  • A fully equipped and furnished warehouse
  • People 'staffing and managing' that warehouse
  • Sufficient liquidity and working capital to structurally (continue to) finance that warehouse including all existing equipment and including stocks


Sourcing service

Procurement Support Service
By using the Procurement Support Service Concept (or single sourcing) we will act more as a Coordination Centre rather than a Control Centre.
When using this approach, the logistics part of the packaging management is not included.
Bark will order from the original suppliers (or alternatives if required) for direct delivery to the customer. Bark will also invoice the customer.


The Outsourcing Concept
The Outsourcing Concept is the most comprehensive concept we can offer you. Actually we take over your complete packaging management.
It includes everything; from know-how, financing your stock, JIT delivery, all logistic handling and so on. We will act as your Packaging Control Centre.
The main goal: to relieve you from all side-issues (such as packaging management) and enable you to fully focus on your core-business.


Custom sourcing
With our Procurement Support Services we offer you a –more or less - basic service level which is mainly used to simplify your procurement, while our Outsourcing Concept is an all-inclusive full service concept.
Of course, we realize that by generating flexibility for you, we first of all have to offer flexibility to you. We do not want to dictate the content of a service concept to you, based on the principles ‘all or nothing’.
Not only do we customize products for you as we do in daily practice at Bark Innovations; we also customize service concepts.


Tail-end Management

Generally speaking companies buy 70% to 80% of their total packaging spend from 5% to 10% of their packaging suppliers.
As a result, 90% to 95% of the vendors must be maintained, although they only represent 20% to 30% of the total packaging spend.
However, they are needed to enable the core business of these companies.
If you look at the current practice, you often see that the smaller vendors are responsible for process disruption with many negative consequences (streamline of the supply chain, performance towards the customers, etc). Besides this, all these vendors must be 'managed' by the buyer, which is very complex.