In terms of the selection for each product group, we provide an overall picture of our options within the product group concerned. However, our range is so dynamic that it is subject to change from day to day. A standard range is therefore not something we really have. Naturally the content of our programme is primarily motivated by what it is our customers want from us, and so our range is continuously adapted to their ever-changing requirements. Consequently our range is not set according to the production equipment that is available (e.g. machines, moulds, etc.) but is predominantly determined by our customers.

If you are looking for a specific product and cannot immediately find it on our website, please feel free to get in touch with us. After all, our product range is always indicative, never exhaustive.

Plastic Drums
Steel Drums
Tin Packaging
Bag In Box
Trigger Sprayers
Plastic Pails
Plastic Bottles
Plastic Jars
Pharmaceutical Packaging
Plastic Closures
Seal Closures
Measuring Spoons & Cups
Barrier Packaging
Custom Made Packaging


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